2015 The construction of masculinities in ancient Mesopotamia

Workshop internazionale

The construction of masculinities in ancient Mesopotamia

The ‘Garden Party’ relief from the North Palace of Ashurbanipal, Nineveh, Iraq, about 645 BC (The British Museum)

5 Febbraio 2015

“Sapienza” Università di Roma ( Auletta di Archeologia, Facoltà di lettere)


Omar N’Shea – University of Malta, Languor in the Garden: Assurbanipal’s Party Reconsidered in Light of Masculinity Studies

Agnès Garcia-Ventura – “Sapienza”, Feminism, Gender Studies & Masculinities: some thoughts about their relationship

Gioele Zisa – LMU München, “The man and the woman will find satisfaction together”.The loss of nīš libbi as a male problem? Notes for an anthropological reflection

Lorenzo Verderame – “Sapienza”, Becoming a Man: The case of Martu and Enkidu


General discussion (taking the cue from Alberti’s article “Archeology, Men, and Masculinities.” In Handbook of Gender in Archaeology, edited by S. M. Nelson, 401–33. Lanham: AltaMira Press, 2006)

2015 Workshop Construction of masculinities in the ANE